Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Assignment: A Prezi About Yourself

We will be exploring Prezis!  Check out the link to the side for Prezi and watch the tutorial.  Miss J has set up an account for everyone to sign into and create a Prezi about yourself.  Write down the password posted in the classroom and you'll be able to work on it from home or study hall. Only open your own Prezi, NO ONE ELSES!

1st:  Start by listing 8 or more things about yourself and then list things under each of those items as secondary items that relate to an item in your original list.  This outline should be made in a Word document using the numbered outline form.

2nd:  Use your name for the title of your Prezi and your file will be kept separate from everyone else in the class.  Warning, because this is a class account you are only to make changes to your own file!  Do not open classmates work in the open account.  Respect their privacy.

We'll be learning a few tricks on how to create a Prezi that looks original and fun.   You can take a self portrait in Photo Booth to add to your Prezi and also include graphics from the AEA Clip Art files.  We've explored both in class.  If you have other personal photos to enhance your Prezi feel free to add those to your file at home or bring them in on your flash drive.  You are NOT to use photos found on the internet that you don't have ownership in.

Start gathering information on a topic you know about, yourself!  What makes you, YOU!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Scanning 101

Today we learned how to scan.
The steps are:
1. Put your picture in the scanner. (Our scanner uses the bottom right corner as home.)
2. Go to the Finder and from Applications choose "Image Capture".  This is the program our scanner is tuned into.
3. Open Image Capture.  It will automatically show your image on the flatbed scanner.
4. Select with the mouse, as if you were cropping, what you want to scan.
5.  Check your size and resolution.  Make sure your format is set like you want it and your destination is chosen correctly.
6.  Click Scan on the Image Capture screen.
7.  Your scanned image will open up onto your screen and you can choose "save as" and file the image where you want it or it will be put in your picture file... You're Done!

There are three scanners in the Graphics Lab.  Depending on the size of your original image and your intended use, the dpi is the most important choice you have when scanning.  If you choose too low of a dpi your resolution may be compromised.  Too high of a number and your file will be huge.  TIFF is more detailed than JPEG and will create a larger file.  For most of your use a jpg file is just fine.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Adobe Illustrator Quote Posters

 While exploring the clip art data base students are to pick out an image that illustrates a chosen quote they find.  Adobe Illustrator is an application that can be used to make graphic art.  Using Adobe Illustrator in class we will choose fonts and   One, we made a thing that was kind of like a Wordle, but everything was done by ourselves.  The other one was a graphic design picture using a quote and clipart picture.  On Adobe Illustrator you can change fonts, colors, sizes and placement of words.   The size of the paper is 11 x 8.5 and can be horizontal or vertical depending on the format of of your clip art and plan for adding the fonts to that.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Photo Booth /iPhoto Experimenting

Students worked with Photo Booth and iPhoto using the camera on our computers to take self portraits and import them into iPhoto.  I asked them to choose one of their photos to share on our blog.  Here are some of the faces in my class!