Thursday, November 29, 2012

Quick Commands

Practice and learn these commands!

Longer list of Shortcuts

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Negative space/Pattern design

First:  In photoshop make a 11 x 8.5" new document with 100 resolution.
Using your mouse and the pencil and paint tools to create patterns on the page.  You can change the size of the line as well as use the stamp tools to create patterns.  There should be a balance of stamps and lines drawn as well as flow throughout the page.  You might want to use the eraser tool to clean up areas as well as the command z to step back.  (No filling in of shapes with the rectangle/shape/oval tools, but you can use the bucket to fill in black areas of a drawn in pattern.  Don't fill large areas though.)  It will take time to learn to command the mouse to create your shapes.  Think of it as an easier version of using an Etch A Sketch!
Second:  Open a photo or clip art of a shape or object with a clearly defined silhouette.  You can look in the IA AEA clip art selection to find already silhouetted images.  Using the lasso tool draw around the image carefully and using the move tool place it over the pattern page.
Now that you have two layers you can select which layer to work on and add to the designed patterns or use the eraser tool to clean up the edges from your lasso job.  We'll also be able to resize the image to allow the pattern to be enhanced by the location of the silhouette.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Ghost Images

Using photoshop and photobooth we created ghost images of ourselves.  Spooky aren't we?

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Gathering information and presenting it to others in a variety of ways is entitled presentation skills.  There are many options for us and preparing the class for a future project in another middle school class, we're working with iWeb to see the possibilities of working with this application.

Students are to create a web page, using iWeb, of one of their own real life interests.
After selecting their interest to portray, they are to research other web pages on that topic and see what makes or "breaks" their web page.  Is it interesting, boring, powerful?
Return to iWeb and create your web page including:
Headings, Copy, a variety of photos. a link to another web page with information that is of interest to the topic and color choices to go along with the topic and or photos.
Rearrange the information in a pleasing way.  Balance out the flow and path that a viewer reads through the page.  Remember there is a focal point on each page, the place of impact for the viewer.  Lead the reader from there with type and or photos.

Experience and practice are what makes us better with any skill.  Learning to strive for your best is something that contains self pride and gives you a much better outcome! 

Monday, October 8, 2012

Info Graphics

Arranging information in a pleasing manner that conveys knowledge and graphics to the viewer, information graphics surround us in today's society everywhere we look.  We need to use space, color, fonts, graphics responsibly as a consumer and designer.
Students made Civil War Timelines for use in their 8th Grade Social Studies class.  Given the same information, it's interesting to see the variety of ways they convey the message.  We used an online program to complete the assignment.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

True Flix

Our Area Education Agency is offering a site called True Flix to districts in Iowa.  It is a password protected website that offers books on different subject matters in written and video/audio formats.  For those with difficulty reading or keeping their attention focused while reading, the video/audio format is an added plus.  To check for comprehension there is a quiz and or puzzel for students to take after reading or listening to the book.  The site is available in the listings posted over to the right below  under  IA AEAonline.
We also looked at the AEA Digital Library offerings.  We talked about using these video clips for supplementing a class discussion or report on a specific topic.
There are many things offered and available at our fingertips to help us with our own education.  once guided to these references, it's a students responsibility and choice to use them.  The self challenge is theirs to take!

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Exploring what is available to us is gives students an opportunity to benefit from resources we have when it comes to presentation projects in their futures.
Denver Schools has the Iowa AEA Online data bases available for students and staff that is password protected.  If you are a parent of a Denver Student, your student can use and search these data bases from home if they bring the password home with them.
Look at the link list below to the right and check them out.  Soundzabound is a data base of royalty free music which meets all the licensing and technology requirements needed for education! 
Soundzabound Music Library offers a wide variety of music, audio themes and sound effects
for grades K -12 and universities that ensures your copyright safety.
Perfect for podcasts, PowerPoint™, videos, news shows, video yearbooks, digital storytelling,
presentations, TV broadcasts, web design and more!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Demonstration Speech w/ Lumens Ladibug

Choose your topic and specific purpose for your speech.   Describe what your demo presentation is about and why you want to share it.  There are so many possibilities: a step by step drawing, a card trick, on line process, how to…

Imagine how you will fill your screen with this topic.  Will you show only your hands?  What else is in the scene?  What kind of backdrop will there be?  Do you need to twist the ladibug to a different angle?
Introduce your Topic
Once you have decided on a demonstration speech topic, write an effective and interactive attention getting introduction. Think about these sample introductions:
  • Tell them what you are going to teach them.
  • Tell them why you choose to demonstrate this topic.
  • Then tell them why your listeners should know how to do it or what they can do with this skill.

Present and demonstrate it to your listeners step by step. So, outlinethe steps of your topic. Show the activities or moves you have to make in a logical chronological order. Describe the details. Be clear. Don't think the audience will understand your demonstration speech topics immediately.

Delivery Of Your Demonstration Speech Topics
First and for all: think about the rules and time limit of the public speaking assignment. And apply these eight public speaking speech tips for delivering your demonstration speech topics:
1. This is a visual presentation so be visual whether you are showing only your hand or facing the camera at yourself.
2. Include personal stories and examples to illustrate your topic.
3. Provide the step by step process for creating your demo,
4. Close your speech with a memorable summary.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Drawing with Photoshop

Learning to manipulate the tools offered with photoshop is an ongoing process.  Students worked on landscape drawings using a variety of the tools and came up with these results!