Thursday, March 15, 2012

Photo Booth, iPhoto & AEA Clip Art Exploration

Using the iMacs built in cameras with the application Photo Booth is a fun activity in the Graphics Lab. Photo Booth is a quick and easy way to take a self portrait and add effects to make it more unique than holding our own camera out to take our own photo. Experimenting with the different effects found some of us placing ourselves in a photo with the Eifel Tower as a backdrop or putting us up in the clouds or under the water swimming with fish. Different lense effects made some of us appear to be going through a house of mirrors at a carnival and some rendering effects gave us reason to experiment more and more. We found out how to transfer these photos to iPhoto where we can adapt them even more at a later date.
iCLIPART for schools is a royalty free site available through our Area Education Association. There are over seven million images to search through and we learned how to download images to our desktop for use in our Prezi.
We will use these portraits and images in our Prezi presentations we'll be working on.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Photoshop Experimenting

We've been working with photoshop and identifying what some of the tools can do.  Students have learned about resizing photos and resolution numbers and what they mean.  We worked on morphing two photos together this week and using the transform options.  There is so much photoshop can do, we've just hit the surface so far!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Screen Shots

We've gone to the link of the Decorah Eagles on US Stream and learned how to take screen shots of the images we're watching. There are all kinds of animals that are interesting to watch there and we had fun sharing with each other.  We took many screen shots this morning, choosing one to post was tough.  Miss J told us to make sure we choose one with a clean camera lense, that the animal we wanted to share may not have the best view.  Everyone renamed, some of us had to learn now to rename a file, our favorite shot; SSName and put it in djohnson dropbox.

The penguin lense was pretty dirty but it looks like many students still wanted to share that shot.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Welcome 3rd trimester Tech

What is Technology?

* Activity
- Explain what you use technology for in at least three sentences to the person beside you.

* 7th Technology Pre-Test Survey
I want you to be as successful in this technology class as possible. Success is much easier if you have some basic tech skills. This pre-test survey will give you some basic questions and skills to complete to help me understand where you are in reference to your tech knowledge. Please follow these directions carefully. You will be asked to do certain tasks in a very specific way.
1. Copy this pre-test starting with "7th Technology Pre-Test" on down into a blank MS Word document. Fill in the answers honestly. If you don't know the correct answer guess or leave it blank.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
7th Technology Pre-Test Survey
Do you have a computer at home? What operating system?
Parent/s or Guardian/s name:
1. What are your top two technology skills that you already have?
2. Type the number of your computer you're working on.
3. Do you often help others or ask for help when working on a tech project?
4. Fill in one of the following responses according to your knowledge level on the list below by cutting and pasting it into each line. (Command C to highlight and copy, Command V to paste)
No knowledge - Beginner - Comfortable using this - I could teach others this skill!

Dashboard on your computer -
Manipulating your Dock -
Adding to your widget -
Photo Booth -
MS Word Documents -
PowerPoint Presentation -
Blog or Wiki creation -
Web Page design -
Prezi creation -
Digital Camera use/downloading-
iPhoto -
Adobe Photoshop -
Adobe Illustrator -
GarageBand -
iMovie -
Scanning an image -
Drawing on the computer -
other tech skills (please list) -

5. What can I help you with the most?

Save the document as 7.3yourname and drop it into my drop box by going to the shared folder> drop box> faculty> djohnson

Exploring Technology

Welcome to 7th grade Technology! This trimester long class will explore tech tools for improving your learning environment. All students will have the opportunity to develop competency with numerous computer programs and procedures as well as manipulate digital images.
We meet in the Graphic's Lab.

Topics to be covered:
- Organizing, locating and retrieving information
- Digital Citizenship
- Responsible and safe use of online resources
- Evaluating resources and information for accuracy and usefulness
- Using Copyright and Fair Use Guidelines
- Using search strategy with two or more criteria in a database
- Increasing productivity and accuracy in keyboarding
- Refining application skills
- Using MS Word
- Manipulating Digital Images
- Using on line presentation tools
- Selecting and using a variety of technology tools

In order to guarantee that all the students in my class are able to take advantage of an excellent academic experience, I expect them to follow these rules. I believe that all of the students in my class can behave appropriately. However, I will not allow any student to interrupt what I am teaching or what others are learning.
1. Arrive on time and prepared for class.
2. Treat equipment and individuals with respect.
3. Give your very best effort on each assignment.
4. Adhere to copyright law and good digital citizenship.
5. Keep your screen on the site and topic we are using in class.

Everyone in class needs to write about a project or technique we've learned about in class and post it to the blog. Volunteer to write on the topic/technique of your choice, first come first serve!
When turning in some projects, they will be put in Miss J's dropbox. Make sure it is labeled as assigned, and saved in a jpeg format to recieve credit and for identification purposes.
Owning a flash drive will be helpful for transfer of work between home and school. We rarely print off our projects here at school. Some students have a personal e-mail account and e-mail attachments to their own or a parents e-mail if they know their on line e-mail account password.