Friday, October 19, 2012

Ghost Images

Using photoshop and photobooth we created ghost images of ourselves.  Spooky aren't we?

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Gathering information and presenting it to others in a variety of ways is entitled presentation skills.  There are many options for us and preparing the class for a future project in another middle school class, we're working with iWeb to see the possibilities of working with this application.

Students are to create a web page, using iWeb, of one of their own real life interests.
After selecting their interest to portray, they are to research other web pages on that topic and see what makes or "breaks" their web page.  Is it interesting, boring, powerful?
Return to iWeb and create your web page including:
Headings, Copy, a variety of photos. a link to another web page with information that is of interest to the topic and color choices to go along with the topic and or photos.
Rearrange the information in a pleasing way.  Balance out the flow and path that a viewer reads through the page.  Remember there is a focal point on each page, the place of impact for the viewer.  Lead the reader from there with type and or photos.

Experience and practice are what makes us better with any skill.  Learning to strive for your best is something that contains self pride and gives you a much better outcome! 

Monday, October 8, 2012

Info Graphics

Arranging information in a pleasing manner that conveys knowledge and graphics to the viewer, information graphics surround us in today's society everywhere we look.  We need to use space, color, fonts, graphics responsibly as a consumer and designer.
Students made Civil War Timelines for use in their 8th Grade Social Studies class.  Given the same information, it's interesting to see the variety of ways they convey the message.  We used an online program to complete the assignment.