Thursday, November 29, 2012

Quick Commands

Practice and learn these commands!

Longer list of Shortcuts

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Negative space/Pattern design

First:  In photoshop make a 11 x 8.5" new document with 100 resolution.
Using your mouse and the pencil and paint tools to create patterns on the page.  You can change the size of the line as well as use the stamp tools to create patterns.  There should be a balance of stamps and lines drawn as well as flow throughout the page.  You might want to use the eraser tool to clean up areas as well as the command z to step back.  (No filling in of shapes with the rectangle/shape/oval tools, but you can use the bucket to fill in black areas of a drawn in pattern.  Don't fill large areas though.)  It will take time to learn to command the mouse to create your shapes.  Think of it as an easier version of using an Etch A Sketch!
Second:  Open a photo or clip art of a shape or object with a clearly defined silhouette.  You can look in the IA AEA clip art selection to find already silhouetted images.  Using the lasso tool draw around the image carefully and using the move tool place it over the pattern page.
Now that you have two layers you can select which layer to work on and add to the designed patterns or use the eraser tool to clean up the edges from your lasso job.  We'll also be able to resize the image to allow the pattern to be enhanced by the location of the silhouette.