Thursday, May 2, 2013

8th Grade Tech Skills

Students need to show competence in different technology skills in 8th grade.  Here is a list of skills Denver has determined for their competency testing.
Presentation Tools
Adds transitions and sounds to presentation.
Plans and story boards ideas for presentation.
Is able to manipulate graphics and to enhance presentation
Applies good design principles.
Determines target audience, goal, and purpose of presentation.
Can download and use copyright available clipart
Imports and modifies images from internet, digital camera, and scanner.
Works as part of a team to create curriculum multimedia project.
File and Resource Management
Creates and follows rules for computer use in classroom, library, lab, and on internet.
Saves and finds files and folders.
Creates folders to store work and saves work in correct folder.
Saves work in appropriate formats.
Social and Ethical Issues
Demonstrates positive social and ethical behaviors when using technology.
Understands and follows proper use of copyrighted material and  uses netiquette when using email.
Cites resources properly.
Graphics and Publishing
Inserts images into documents.
Creates flyers.
Captures images from the internet and follows copyright laws for use of images.
Internet Use
Appropriate terminology and bookmark usuage.
Explains different kinds of URLs.
Returns to site using history, back button, or bookmark/favorites.
Evaluates site and information for validity and accuracy.
Edits bookmarks/favorities and organizes them into folders.
Explains difference between search engines, subject directories, and metasearch engines.
Word Processing
Formats a document.
Manipulates formatting palette.
Uses spell checker and thesaurus.
Inserts a graphic and wraps text.
Uses ruler, margins, and tabs.
Uses outlininig feature.
Inserts headers and footers.
Inserts section, column, and page breaks.
Creates newsletter.
Uses keyboard shortcuts.
Creates a graph to compile data  collections using a basic graphing program.
Uses existing speadsheet to sort and find data.
Collects data and creates new spreadsheet.
Collects, inputs, analyzes, organizes, and displays data  graphically.
Creates simple formulas and charts.
Explains what the data represents.
Adds and formats appropriate labels and legends.

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