Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ghost Images

Students learned how to overlap two photos using layers and changes to opacity.  See some of their creative choices.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Font Faces

Using Adobe Illustrator bring up a blank new document 8.5x11" and create a full page face using different characters from different fonts.
Go to the menu at the top and select Type, then pull down to Glyphs.  Glyphs will appear on your desktop and be a guide for all the letters within each font.  Change fonts with the pull down selections at the bottom of the Glyphs box.
You should be able to use the T text tool and the arrow at the top - the move tool for most of your altering.
Go to Object at the top menu and pull down to Transform and pull across to selections of rotating the letter, changing the size,… Change the size of letters and their location to create a truly unique face.
Be a creative as possible creating features, hair, face outline, neck, and distinguishing factors.
Try to challenge your idea of how your face should look, what style of hair, feature shapes, eye lids, curls of hair, including a neck, proportions…
Bonus points:  Create a Three Quarter View of a face not just a front view.
Variety of shapes used to fill in the character
Structure of Face
Use of Full Page
Save the finished jpg work as ffyourname.

Here are some past student examples:

Monday, March 4, 2013

Exploring Technology

Welcome to 8th grade Technology! This trimester long class will explore tech tools for improving your learning environment. All students will have the opportunity to develop competency with numerous computer programs and procedures as well as manipulate digital images.
We meet in the Graphic's Lab.

Topics to be covered:
- Organizing, locating and retrieving information
- Digital Citizenship
- Responsible and safe use of online resources
- Evaluating resources and information for accuracy and usefulness
- Using Copyright and Fair Use Guidelines
- Using search strategy with two or more criteria in a database
- Increasing productivity and accuracy in keyboarding
- Refining application skills
- Using MS Word
- Manipulating Digital Images
- Using on line presentation tools
- Selecting and using a variety of technology tools
- Video Editing

In order to guarantee that all the students in my class are able to take advantage of an excellent academic experience, I expect them to follow these rules. I believe that all of the students in my class can behave appropriately. However, I will not allow any student to interrupt what I am teaching or what others are learning.
1. Arrive on time and prepared for class.
2. Treat equipment and individuals with respect.
3. Give your very best effort on each assignment.
4. Adhere to copyright law and good digital citizenship.
5. Keep your screen on the site and topic we are using in class.

When turning in some projects, they will be put in Miss J's dropbox. Make sure it is labeled as assigned, and saved in a jpeg format to recieve credit and for identification purposes.
Owning a flash drive or having an on line account on a drop box storage will be helpful for transfer of work between home and school. We rarely print off our projects here at school. Some students have a personal e-mail account and e-mail attachments to their own or a parents e-mail if they know their on line e-mail account password.

Tech Skills for Students

What do you think the top ten tech skills students should have?  Feel free to search for ideas to make up your top ten.  Write down your list on a MS Word document.  Choose Save As to rename the document 10yourname.docx and put it in djohnson drop box.  You must save it as 10yourname.docx to get full credit.